Updated: Nov 12, 2021

A Mysterious Trent Jones Par Three

But the memory is as clear,

As that moonlit night,

We played golf,

At Hampton Cove,

I believe, quite near.

We had started late,

We were the last to tee

We figured we’d get in nine,

The game was golf,

You with me,

We didn’t care what time.

I can’t remember,

What time it was,

As we, bags shouldered,

Addressed the tee,

It was just the two of us,

And Bagger made it three.

Not sure how many,

Holes we played,

As evening turned to dusk,

Don’t even think we payed.

We played thru four our five,

I think?

At six I said “I No can see,”

As I approached a pitch dark tee.

We laughed and hooted,

As the nearby owl could see,

I peeked into sheer darkness,

Without honors,

It was my turn to tee.

You had blasted one into darkness,

That ball was never found.

I got all of mine, too.

With my trusty three wood wand.

We looked at each other laughing!

My first son and me,

There was no light left,