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By late October most of your garden has been put to sleep for the Winter. Your garlic, carrots and collards, kale, kohlrabi and spinach are enjoying the shorter days and cooler nights. Some will winter over for tasty fresh treats year round.

My tomatoes struggled with the wet season. But my Tami-G Grape tomato plants produced 200 tomatoes each. I have saved seeds this season and plan to grow Cherokee, Mr. Stripy, Abe Lincoln and Brandywine tomatoes (All North Carolina heritage brands) next year. My best crop this year was again the prolific Golden Gate yellow Romano pole beans. Got in three crops this year and they’re still going strong.

I have harvested my potatoes and tossed hands of straw deep on top of my Ruth Stout No-dig, No-water, No weed Garden, to prep it for Spring. The straw will be rotten and soggy by then and perfect for laying in a new crop of potatoes mixed in with winter squash. You can also catch a photo glimpse of my potato towers by the Ruth Stout Garden. I grow winter squash on the top layer of the towers. They hang over nicely with large squash.

I have trimmed the concord grapes back, leaving only two vines per plant with only two buds per vine (see photo). Will probably toss a fine net over them next year as the beetles had at them this season.

I am letting the lima beans over grow And plan to harvest them after the frost.

My bell peppers, tomatillos sweet potatoes are still producing nicely, so I’ve left them in to grow. I’m experimenting with severly trimming back and bringing a couple bell pepper plants to over winter indoors. I’ll harvest the sweet potatoes after the frost gets the vines. The catnip is for the neighbors’ cats. The cats are helpful on keeping my rodent population in check. And my black racer snake is still on duty and is use to me moving about the garden. She lives under my back porch and ventures out to hunt voles.

Happy Gardening and keep it Casual; don’t wanna scare the plants.

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