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Updated: May 8, 2023

Do evil tendencies cancel?

I rather think not,

Frost first brought it up,

But must there be opposites?

If there’s Good,

Must there be Evil?

If there’s light,

Must there be dark ?

If there’s me,

Must there be you?

And what’s this,

Cancel Culture?

Is it an Oxymoron,

Or just nonsense?

More Moronics.

I mean,

Why would God allow,


And all the sinner Saints?

Up and down,

I can see,

Back and forth?

Of course.

Right and wrong,

Who needs wrong?

Am I right or wrong? But It just seems easier,

If there only be good,

and so,

What would,

What could,

Be wrong,

With that?

I think I know enough,

of hate,

to say,

Good is great,

And so,

So be it.

I can see,

I can see it,

A new day,

Thanks to Pete,

🎶Where All men are brothers,

And we all live,

In a world that is free🎶

Author’s Note: Thanks to Pete Seeger, Robert Frost, Mick and the Serendipitous Sherlock who raises me up time after time, after 1 am to jot a thought down and rhyme it in, then the thought complete, back to reposeful sleep - so be it!

Do evil tendencies cancel, begs the question, “Where does evil come from. How can it exist?

The darkest stormiest hour on this earth was the bite out of the Apple from the tree of good and evil - and the evil done unto Jesus, on that Cross. However, the greatest good for us came out of that evil, same day. Thus proving that an all-good God can and does allow evil. Hummm. Trust that the evil of today will uncover good. Trust in the Lord for a thousand days of good and peace.

De facto, evil ceases to exist in heaven. Therein, there is no need for evil. So to answer why must there be evil? So good can cancel it. The poem begs the solution to the good/evil riddle. Do good and cancel evil.

*The photo represents good and evil, as Notre Dame is no more, due to evil doings. But God knows. And pity the fools who ruckused about, and in an evil daze, set the Dame ablaze!

My dad used to say, “The sufficiency of the day is the evil thereof.” Good Grief! This idea has been rustling around in my head for lo’ these many years, and just today revealed itself.

tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of My Domain

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1 Comment

Apr 23, 2022

WELL? Do they? Do they cancel? perhaps it’s your responsibility to re-read it and comment below. Heed well that “the soul of the poet is fueled by the reader,” lest poetry vanish altogether. Another way to put it is if you liked the poem, take the time to comment below. Thanks, I needed that.

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