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Gas must be contained?

Of course.

But space,

Is lighter than gas,

And gravity keeps it all in place.

The natural shape in a vacuum,

Is Round whether

Water or ferma-mirth.

I just ain’t buying

None ‘O that flat-earth dirth!

A’sides, On the second day,

God’s not gonna,

Bother to build away,

Some dumb-assed,


And call it earth,

Fer us.

Author’s Note:

The living-est sphere of all,

Well, that be earth.

What’s behind the Ice Wall?

Anyway, Gus?

Folks, the biggest sphere of all,

Is flat-earth-Phil’s Uranus.

The Pope sent Galileo packing,

When he declared, earth be a round.

Gali said thems afore him

We’re flat-earth friggin clowns!


Well heck!

Why on earth would God make it flat?

And ignore all sense of matter,

And all facts like that,

And build an ice wall?

That will likely melt?

And set us sliding,

Off the platter!

Nope flat ain’t right

No day, No night?

I think a round earth is nice

And will damn well suffice!


Iffen’ God ‘ud a wanted,

A flat earth whirling,

Spinning off in the sky.

I think He’d a made it,


Like a Frank’s extra-large NY pizza pie.

Poem 10/26/2021©️ tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of My Domain

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