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Updated: May 8, 2023

“Feedback fuels the poet” (to quote myself). I have weekly written and published over 200 poems on my website. I have written 100 more that lie in waiting, waiting for their invitation, waiting to be savored and sung. It takes but three minutes to read them, slow enough to extract the prophetic messages; then to re-read them to savor their flavored message, perhaps a third reading aloud to garner what’s endowed. I have but six family members who read my poetry, apart from me (who reads them often, aloud, in the still of night in quiet of contemplation). I know not from whence much of my poetry flows, and I’m still trying to divine meaning from my poems and prose. Understanding is an ongoing state of mine. To me serendipity is a miracle to be relished, planted and sown.

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*Would you like to publish one of your poems on my website? Message me with the title on this website and I’ll get right back to you😊

Tom Tenbrunsel 😉

Poet Laureate of My Domain

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