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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

“Feedback fuels the Poet”

“Feedback fuels the poet” (to quote myself). I have weekly written and published 115 poems on my website. I have written 100 more that lie in waiting, waiting for their invitation, waiting to be savored and sung. It takes but three minutes to read them, slow enough to extract the prophetic messages; then to re-read them to savor their flavored message, perhaps a third reading aloud to garner what’s endowed. I have but six family members who read my poetry, apart from me (who reads them often, aloud, in the still of night in quiet of contemplation). I know not from whence much of my poetry flows, and I’m still trying to divine meaning from my poems and prose. Understanding is an ongoing state of mine. To me serendipity is a miracle to be relished, planted and sown.

***HELP ME OUT. TAKE THE TIME TO “SUBSCRIBE” (it’s free) USING YOUR REAL NAME AND TAKE TIME TO “SIGN“ IN AND COMMENT. Otherwise you are just a number and I don’t know who you are. SAY HI***

I think a couple dozen of my writings have risen to Frost’s level, which is my only benchmark, save the late James Wright, Poet Laurate of Appalachia. I think prophetic teaching is what drives me to write, that and many of my poems are silent prayer. I have a hundred fans that follow me anonymously without identifying themselves. I do not have the satisfying luxury of knowing who you are nor what you like about what I write. That bugs me, for “feedback drives the poet’s soul.” Only five or six take the time to compliment and comment for others online and I am grateful.

My “Famous Quotes” blog recently (mostly my own), I consider my “Quote Memoirs.” My family would recognize most, as they have lived them. If the internet ever goes down, my creative work goes with it. That’s how shallow life’s existence is. I shall then revert to just being me, without voice, which is an old man’s destiny.

I hope you enjoyed the backstory of my poetic prose, the Spirit from whence I write. LET ME HEAR FROM YOU. Come out of the shadow of anonymity, subscribe. (It’s free) and greet me, jostling with the Spirit from which I derive my concoctions.

*Would you like to publish one of your poems on my website? Message me with the title on this website and I’ll get right back to you😊

Tom Tenbrunsel 😉

Poet Laureate of My Domain

*bronze raised likeness of Archbishop John Alexander Floersh, is in Our Lady of the Woods Chapel at Bellarmine University (It’s Founder), to me, “Uncle John.” Look for his back story in ”My Memoir: My Wrinkle in Time,” 2022. There you will be privy to the infamous story of who stole the archbishop’s ring 😡

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