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*Eagle on my Shoulder photo by me Let’s play a game of opposites

Where we change

The meaning and usage


Of words,

People like nerds


New use of words

To confuse your brain


Let’s call America, “National”

And just declare, You‘re no longer U.S.


It seems some obscure person

Some recluse Alaskan German dudis

Has declared

We’re no longer us.


“Why for years

We’ve been fooled,”

she said,

“That we are dead

Declared quite arbitrarily so

At our birth

Nigh some century or so ago.”

“And to be you again,

Raised from the dead,

You must

Entangle yourself

With the very people who frauded you

Blindly at birth?”

Sounds a bit like circuitous

Jargon and controlling paperwork -

Tomfoolery to me.

So, I asked God the other day

If in fact all this was true?

He said quite sternly

Tolling the bell firmly,

“NO! No one owns you

Child of Mine!

You see,

It’s an abhorrent cult,

And I’ve sent them all,

All straight to hell,

All, every last one,

All, all in a satanic line.

“There, they all,

The fools,

Can call

Whatever they want, true,

But their words turn to pitiful pleas

Now that they’ve been given

Their just do.

“So weary not, not a bit,

My weary child,

For the poor damned souls had their chance,

And the fools to hell now be

For eternity,

And, what galls, them most you see,

Is -

“Is they now see

You have always been you,

No need to change

You’re not lost at sea

It’s mere trickery.

You‘ve been you

Faithfully you,

Forever you with Me,

In my chosen Nation,


Free 🇺🇸

tom tenbrunsel Poet Laureate of a Free People in a Free Nation

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