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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

I have but one request,

For our planned distanced


Morn, Eve or Night.

As we Zoom in tight,

Could you open thus,

The presents from us,

One at a time,

With Jimmy,

Handing them out


I loved that tradition,

That first Christmas,

Jim’s at our house,

You know me,

I’d much like to see,

Each person’s reaction,

Each one’s delight,

To gifts and stockings,

Given with care,

Even if St. Nicholas,

Be but half-way there,

Then happiness shared,

As we Zoom outta sight,

Merry Christmaslove,

To all,

And to All,

Xmas nite nite,

That night.

Author’s Note: Did your family have a tradition for opening presents? Does it carry on today? When “Jimmy Sec 10“ joined our Christmas family gathering, it just happened. He sat in the big wing backed chair in the living room Christmas morn, tree lights glittering, train whistle blowing. He mentioned his family tradition, we all took a vote. He’d hand out the gifts, one by one tote, from a huge pile on the floor. Each had a turn, from presents galore. Erin’s pride, love in her eye. I’m really glad she married that boy. So today’s magic tradition, carries on in two separate homes, as we do Xmas via holiday Zoom. (Mixture of prose and poetry sneaks up on you, don’t it, poetic prose is fun. Try it.)

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Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
Dec 27, 2020

Merry Christmaslove for sure. Beautiful.


Loved it!

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