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Hayden's Theme

August 21, 2015

She waltzed in, three, quite on her own, dressed so prettily, sat right down, determined, and began to play as if taught by some distant master. 

She had neither lesson nor sheet, But she had posture and poise, no ounce of deceit. She had come to Play. 

Ivory moved, it was as if the universe had suddenly sorted; It was time to linger, listen, muse, discover, celebrate and enjoy! 

Echoed through an empty wooden chamber; "A" a single note rang out, Then another and another, perhaps one more joined in, then others; 

Notes began to pour. They melded, flit and flickered, banged and flew; dancing with excitement, filling void with creative musical laughter and delight. 

Was it middle "C" or the "B" beginning of a Symphony, "D" or perhaps a Child's Destiny, A destiny to create - Perhaps to paint the soul of Music?"

Love and Beauty composed of a simple score lifted the spirit of her newfound home. Every solitary note filled every corner with Joy as delicate young fingers plied a Rhyming Rhythm from that old box. 

The Room came to life as notes appeared out of nowhere, crescendoed, swirled teasingly, flew pleasingly, then faded into memory, hidden now forever in my soul. 

Then almost as soon as it had begun, it was over. Was it a Child's Gift? Of course.  It was Hayden's Theme to these old ears and tears.

Hayden's Theme: Work
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