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Tomato Plant


I like to plant heritage tomatoes like Cherokee, Mr. Smiley and Abe Lincolns, sos I can save the seeds.  But Beefsteak, Better Boy and Better Girl from your local store do right smart. Stake your maders and  spank ‘em daily. (p57) 

My friend JD, used to sing, “Thar ain’t nuttin’ like fried green tomatoes” right outta thu garden. God love  you, John, even my plants like “Whispering Jessie.” 

Lastly, remember those Bonnie’s Grape (Tami-G) variety of grape tomatoes I told you about in “Casual  Gardening” ( Well, I have been getting upwards of 300 delicious, bite size tomatoes per  plant. I just run them up and along my pole bean trellis. They reach 8’ easily so train them at your picking  height. Be sure to “spank them.” They are garden candy! I throw a handful in my smoothie every morning,  along with anything you like from your garden.

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