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Poetry on my Mind


"Poetry on my Mind" is a lifetime of wisdom and adventure wrapped into one pocket size poem book.  Whether the subject is love, realization or faith you will find yourself turning the pages, memorized by Tom's ability to capture a moment in life and make it dance with rhythm across the paper.  Every part, meticulously calculated down to a 'non-traditionally' spelled word will have you joyfully piecing together this twist on life, through the lens of a global minded author. Read more...


Casual Gardening


"Casual Gardening" is a how-to, experienced based book packed with fun tidbits and surprises. Tom's version of simple and effective gardening is a no-fuss version of doing things the right way. This wise guy's tried and true methods are a little bit research and the rest self-taught. His efficient, 'don't hesitate, just get it in the ground' approach will get your garden loving you back with treasures in no time. Remember, it's an on-the-go read and meant to get a little dirty, so take it along and watch your garden grow. Read more...

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