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Gardening Tools

Supplies You'll Need for the Casual Garden

It certainly depends on what kinda garden you want, but here’s a good list, (p xvi)  

  1. Shovel with hand handle  

  2. Your grandfather’s grub hoe  

  3. Rake (a small rake for small gardens) 

  4. Trowel and your “Dibber”  

  5. Foam knee pad and a bulb planter  

  6. A yard wagon or wheelbarrow  

  7. Nylon trellis netting with large 5” squares  

  8. Tomatoes oak or 2x2x8 stakes or baskets  

  9. 2x12x8 lumber, screws, drill, galvanized corner brackets for raised garden and 1 yard of “Amy’s Mix” 

  10. OR cardboard and stray bales for a Ruth Stout no-dig, no-watering, instant garden 

  11. Worm buckets  

  12. Seeds and a garden store  

  13. Mulch, compose, grass clippings, straw to keep weeds out  

  14. And an Adirondack chair for naps and watching your garden grow.

Supplies You'll Need for the Casual Garden: Product
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