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One of the joys of home gardening is that you can eat fresh stuff right there, right in the garden. I call it  munch-a-lunch. With or without sweet tea with mint, dill or herbs, or a cold sweaty long neck, just stroll along  and gather up some tops (carrots, radish, turnip, beet, lettuce, green onions or fresh pruned garlic tops and  other greens and their bulbs and roots, then snatch a fresh asparagus and you have a gourmet lunch. Toss in a  tomato or eat it like an apple with juice running off your chin and voila! Instant munch-a-lunch. The menu  grows with the season. And beets and turnips, parsnips and such. Desert? Well there’s those strawberries and  blueberries that the birds haven’t seen yet. Yummy. Enjoy!
I was munching lunch one day in my Adirondack, when I noticed a hare doing the same. I gently asks him  how he liked the cabbage leafs. Seemed to me he shook his head with approval. We finished lunch together.

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