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Victory Gardening

There’s so much to gardening and yet so little. I prefer to garden leisurely, sitting in my garden chair with my  sweet tea, watching it grow. The darn plants know exactly what to do. “Just give them a happy home,” my dad  would say, “And they’ll do the rest.”  

You’ll find I use natural means of feeding and caring for plants and protecting them from pests and animals.  “Don’t need no fancy chemicals.” My definition of organic is use Nature. She’s pretty savvy. “Got thrip? You  gotta get aphids.” And you will need a good habitat for lady bugs to eat the aphids. Bees and butterflies to  pollinate. You want birds to eat your tomato worms. You’ll want your neighbor’s cat to hunt varmints. And of  course a dog to keep the bears and deer shoed away from your garden. 

Most of what I’ve jotted down for you is lessons learned along the way. It’s not complete by any means, but  enough to get you started and add a trick or two you may not have heard of. Of course, I’m happy to get  advice from others too, so write to me about your experiences growing your own food. I’d welcome hearing  from you. Join my Facebook page.  

Many blessings upon you for tending the soil. Enjoy!  

* Victory Gardens were started during WWII, as a way citizens could pull together to help the cause. Dad and  I grew Victory Gardens. I’ve grown one each year ever since. I even taught Postage Stamp Gardens at the  University.

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