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Updated: May 6

*Girona by ET & Laura Hargett Tenbrunsel

Beauty is everywhere

There is beauty . . . . . . in everything

Don’t miss it

Don’t miss beauty

Don’t pass it by

Don’t let it pass you

Look for it!

a tree

a song

a butterfly

a brook

and oh so . . . . so much, much more

and the smell of morning dew

Beauty surrounds you

It’s there for you

To find




Sure it’s in the beholder

Difference between you and me

But nevertheless see

See yours, hear it . . . . .Touch it

Don’t assume it . . . . . .Consume it

It’s there for you . . . A joy

to perceive . . . . . . . Receive

To hold in your soul

Don’t ignore it

Because it’s there every day

Grasp it . . . . . . . .seize it

Don’t let beauty’s display

Get away

Without you anointing it!

tom tenbrunsel

A Carl Sandburg Writer

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1 Comment

So true. Words to live by. Don’t let beauty (or life) pass you by.

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