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Updated: Jan 11

Miles behind me,

Oh so many Adventurous

Miles behind me,

I stopped only briefly,

To catch up to me,

Only to observe myself,

My progress thru life.

Quite satisfied,

I continued to ride,

Ride right on,

Along that winding Elk Road,

Least so traveled by,

To my destiny.

You see,

My destiny

Was to be me,

To ride and do

As only I knew.

To see life thru

To the fullest

Afforded me,

Along with my friend,


And many more,

Oh so many, many


tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of the Two-Lane Backroads of Life

*inspired photo along the Elk Mountain Time Trial section, by Erin (the narrator😉)

”Thank you,uh! Thank you very much, uh!”

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