Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The Castle Camelot

A castle planked, plotted and planed

Built for my grandchildren

Grandchildren grand

A three-storied masterpiece Nestled ‘mongst trees

Slides, swings, house with a loft

even a screen door and windows to let in the breeze

A ramp, sand, mid-deck with floor

enter at your own risk, nailed to the door

a rope slide to escape and enter

for one shinning moment

it was the center

of all that mattered

screams and laughter

spend the night joy

A thing of wonder

to neighborhood boys

built as a young man full of piss and vinegar

i swear i built it to last forever

but forever is gone and girls and boys too

who ever thunk it, who ever knew

that they grow up so fast

and a’ways leave the nest

and the castle in the woods

that was built to last.

life is so fleeting

they grow up so fast

the days seem too long

the months past so fast

built for my grandchildren

men, now and gone

i’m left with sweet memories

i’m left all alone.

i was born the last century

and traveled so far

but my journey now over

my purpose ajar

A castle built for my children’s children

the very reason i passed through

this world to pursue, was

This magnificent castle

i built for you.


Author’s Note: The castle is family, the reason for the author‘s existence. The castle still stands today in Chapin, South Carolina, delighting still younger and younger boys and girls. Best read along with the Epic song by Neil Diamond, “For My Children”

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