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Updated: Feb 21

Whilst recently in the hospital

For once’d of those close to death occasions.

Clots had moved to my lungs

A surgical procedure was ordered for next day

It was late-night, round one in the morning

I’d say probably,

I was awakened from a very deep hospital bed sleep

Something beckoned me to lift my head in the Empty-darkened room

I wasn’t frightened at all

But there they were standing at the foot of my bed

The two of them, short not tall

One a young technicolor girl about maby ten or fifteen,

With a rounded white bright face,

A colorful flowery dress with lace

A pleasant look on her face

A bit angelic I recall

Light short brownish hair

Both her hands gently resting on by bed stead

Just looking at me

Slightly smiling.

The girl was on the right

The other, standing together, on the left.

Both the same height

The other was a dark shadowy figure

With no visible features

An undistinguishable cartoon-like figure

A round head and a blank torso

Hands by his side.

A silhouette at best

Neither spoke

They just stood there

Looking at me

I blinked purposely

And to my amazement they were still there

I blinked once more

And they were gone.

The room night-darkened




Were they there, for real?

I swear!

Was it a dream?

No, as I lay there afterwards,


They didn’t startle me at all

Only they caused me to wonder

What visitors? Who? Why two?

I didn’t recognize either

Why visit me?

What did they want?

One was definitely a kind soul.

Funny, next day I no longer needed the scheduled operation🙏🏻

tom tenbrunsel

A Carl Sandburg Writer


I have had occasional visions in my life. Mostly unexpected. None frightening. Some explainable. Some not. Most very brief but notable. All relevant. All very personable. All memorable. Life, I believe, is filled with serendipity and seeming coincidences. Do I believe in the spiritual nature of man? I do. I hold with Teilhard de Chardin’s intrapersonal “Sixth Sense.” Get it. Read it.

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It could have been your guardian angels there to comfort you. Glad you are okay.

Replying to

No doubt🙏


“Good sunny morning Tom……So grateful you graduated out of a frightening experience and are back home recovering!!!!  May your inner “Creative Dragon” continue to inspire you to see the wonders of this thing called life…” Bea

Replying to

Indeed at times my inner dragon roars, “Get up! Get up and go outside!” Thanks, Bea

One can only imagine what an important role likes and comments and feedback play to fuel the soul of the poet!!!

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