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Something draws me down this two track. It’s clearly a road least traveled. Who? What? Why? What’s there? I can’t resist. I must go. It seems to be calling me to my destiny, or perhaps to the end.

Author’s Note: Much of my poetry is inspired by photos. This one was snapped by Troy on his mountain bike. He is exploring his new life in Florida. From the looks the trail flat to the horizon, straight as freshly shot arrow, a sandy track much like what you find in a sandy State. It beckons. It was less familiar and I took it.

How far does the road go? Past the horizon? Past the end? What’s on the other side at the end? Does it just end and that’s it? How far do you have to go? Can you turn back? Is it death or the journey that intrigues us? Where does the journey end and life-after-life begin? Am I already on the other side? Where are you? Where is that place for you? What is your destiny? Along what road, what Two Track?

What’s on the other side of the Universe?

tom tenbrunsel, poet laureate of my domain

*Photo by Troy Carr

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Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
Aug 23, 2022


Love the thought provoking questions.

Only to know the answers.

Aug 23, 2022
Replying to

Yes, Barb! Photos more than not drive my inspiration. That two track perhaps goes on forever😊

thanks for the comment❤️

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