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Veggies! Veggies! Git ‘em when they’re ripe.

Plant ‘em. Pick ‘em.

Slice ‘em up. Eat ‘em up.

Cooked, raw, roasted,

Or grab a bunch and run!

It’s July and your garden in raised beds, pots or Ruth Stout straw/hay are covered with a variety of veggies. I assume you’ve been selectively harvesting them on a daily basis, enjoying the freshness of home grown. Greens, carrots, garlic, onions, beans, summer squash, zucchini, cukes, lettuce, kale, etc., all lend themselves to daily grazing. Tomatoes are loaded and you’re lucky iffen you picked a ripe-un afore the fourth. I always shoot for Fourth of July for my first tomato. But don’t forget to harvest those delicious baby red potatoes all summer too - Ummmm!

Neem, neem, neem, neem! It organically eliminates all pests that chew. Of course the birds like pests too. And you can squish ‘em ooo. Water in the morning every few days or so in the hot months. Just don’t let the plants go to wilting. Mulch so’s you don’t “haf-to“ weed, and it holds the moisture and creates a whitish bacteria that helps plants break down nutrients in the soil.

Time to plant your second summer garden. Yank out the bolting veggies and plant another crop. You’ll even be planting a third crop in September, your winter-over garden.

Share! Share your garden goodies with creatures And neighbors. Don’t be stingy. The creatures don’t eat that much and they’re not really greedy. I love to watch momma bear with her three playful yearlings in tow. She loves sitting down in my orchard and eating and apple or two. I named her Eve😉

Check out Casual Gardening. It has everything you need to know to garden casually and dem sum. I know. I wrote it and it‘s dirt cheap on Amazon. It’s chocked fulla gardening tips and stuff you had no ideer of.

tom tenbrunsel

The Casual Gardener

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2 commentaires

Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
16 juil. 2022

Yum. Yum.

YES! Organic.

Share with God's creation. All Eves are grateful.

Shuck that corn on the cob and eat on the spot. Mater, too.

Yum. Yum.

16 juil. 2022
En réponse à

Barb - You’re spot on. nutin’ like biting into a freshly shucked corn directly in the garden😎✔️

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