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Updated: May 11, 2023

*photo by Matt Mead I stood and stared,

And looked and stood.

I gazed yon inland ocean,

Stretching horizons far.

How distant is,

That distant shore?

I think I have a notion.

Well, heck, I thought, I

Could do that quite handily,

Having leaned my bike carefully,

‘Ginst weathered beach sign bar.

Is it really all that very far?

Me thinks the ride,

Could be quite nice,


Though think I’ll stay several more day,

Day after day after day,


I’ll bundle up,

For sure by then,

Being nie past sixty nice,


‘ll give her a try,

By God, I will,

Fat tire n’ wheel,

When Gitchegumee

Turns to ice.

twt 11/5/2020, photo by Matt Mead (The challenge to MM is 1,000 yen to do it😎)

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