What feats do mankind

Seek to

Soar to

What boundless frontiers

Do we relentlessly peek

Frontiers quite often peerless

And oft just barely in reach?

Great inventions

With God-given hands and intellect

Do we fashion anew?

Is there anything

Mankind can’t do?

Why leans the Pisa,

Why the Mona Lisa smiles,

Why the Pinta, the Nina,

Sail with Saint Maria,

So, so many miles

To a land unsuspected

To unknown journey’s end?


To the moon,

Shall we return?

The spin-offs,

“One giant leap for mankind,”

Reshaped the world.

A new age was born,

Toward technology we were hurled.

We’ve never looked back,

We’ve ever looked up,

The Strawberry Moon,

The Blood Moon, New,

We were once there,

In that spacious hue.

Shall we return?

Did you ever look up,

Past, a New Moon hue

And wonder beyond

What’s out there anew?

Is heaven there,