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I lay in my bed,





I am sad

And yet,

Somehow glad,

Maby it wasn’t,

Meant to be.

Did I break up with he,

Or he with me?

Laying quietly,

With reddened,

Tear-soaked pillowed eyes,


Out from the Still,

A voice says maby,

Just maby,

It wasn’t meant to be.

With hope rekindled,

In my heart,

I take a knee,

I have Faith in Thee,

And ask God, Jesus,

From above,

Oh! I Hope,

Do send me someone,


To Love❤️

from “Poetry on My Mind,” p91

Author’s Note: The Poem is of Faith, Hope and Love - the three virtues of the human existence. I composed it looking into the future of a young grandchild girl in love, whom, late-night, I had texted to sleep, from afar, with ne’er a hint of break-up. And somehow out of nowhere during our texting, it consumed me - “What will become of love.“ A searching. Some call it chance, others fate, still others coincidence. I call it Serendipity, the hand of God in our existence, intervening as if we were His only child, tending to us in every moment, sometimes without us knowing, fulfilling our life with grace and guidance. Listen to Him. Thank God for God!

PS: Breton, albeit‘s serendipitous adieu, Have no fear this was written pre you😎

*photo by Katlin Ten, Inc.

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