Yuz'all MERRY CRISMUS WISH fvom all ov' us

Ova' hyear ya hear!

Dis iz de day befo Crismus an' all t'ru my house

Dey ain't nutin hapn'n, not even a damn mouse.

De chirren iez all ova de place -

In Shecarago, Feenix and New Yoark or som'in place.

So's Mamma in her flutie wite gaown,

And i in mee garounteede cap,

I'z gonna selltle em bones down fo'

A long winter nap.

Ain't gonna be no clatter ov dem ole' gators on de lauwn,

Cause i'ma gonna shoot dem basterds ifen' dey do!

So wit a long pole’n stick

And a little flat drover,

I know i'ma g'wana bee a cajun St. Nick.

An' so up de chemin'ie i go,

Out to de flo,

Where i lan' wit' a splat!

(Don't recommin' doin' dat)

An' den turnin wit' a jerk,

Tell em 'gators toe git dem splashing asses on de move, i saiz',

"MERRY CRISMUS to Lisette, (and da yunguns)

"Til' I saw you some mo'!!!"

Ole' Cajun Sanna, by gum

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