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Updated: May 11, 2023

*photo by Abby Ruppert

Yuz'all MERRY CRISMUS WISH fvom all ov' us

Ova' hyear ya hear!

Dis iz de day befo Crismus an' all t'ru my house

Dey ain't nutin hapn'n, not even a damn mouse.

De chirren iez all ova de place -

In Shecarago, Feenix and New Yoark or som'in place.

So's Mamma in her flutie wite gaown,

And i in mee garounteede cap,

I'z gonna selltle em bones down fo'

A long winter nap.

Ain't gonna be no clatter ov dem ole' gators on de lauwn,

Cause i'ma gonna shoot dem basterds ifen' dey do!

So wit a long pole’n stick

And a little flat drover,

I know i'ma g'wana bee a cajun St. Nick.

An' so up de chemin'ie i go,

Out to de flo,

Where i lan' wit' a splat!

(Don't recommin' doin' dat)

An' den turnin wit' a jerk,

Tell em 'gators toe git dem splashing asses on de move, i saiz',

"MERRY CRISMUS to Lisette, (and da yunguns)

"Til' I saw you some mo'!!!"

Ole' Cajun Sanna, by gum

*photo courtesy of Abby Ruppert

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4 commentaires

So good! Has LISETTE seen?


22 déc. 2020

This poem was inspired by my ragingly Cajun friend, Lisette, whose creative genius in anything she does inspires and fascinates the world around her. If you but knew some of the antics!

Thank you also Kevin, my first, and “cousin” Barb for your thoughtful comments, precisely the reason I write.

Merry Crismus Everyone😎🎅🎄🙏🏻❤️


Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
22 déc. 2020

Luv et. :)


Super creative!

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