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*photo of tree in the Garden of Olives by Brian Tenbrunsel

Winter into Spring

Under snow my garden sleeps, Sweet winter carrots, Hiding deep, Deep beneath Jack Frost, Seeds and things grow and ready themselves, To be transformed by Spring, Into tomatoes, potatoes, greens, garlic, Beans and so many delightful things. It is the way Mother Nature circles around And renews things.

Lots of crops grow in my garden in winter. Winter chilled heritage seeds from last fall, fell and become rooted sprouting veggies when Mother Nature calls for them. Early spring plantings include: dwarf kale, snow peas, spinach, this year’s carrots, garlic, onions, leeks, radish. Rhubarb and herbs pop out early. After the last frost, put in potatoes, bean seeds, cucumbers, winter and summer squash, okra and yes plenty of tomatoes. Wait a few more weeks to put out your sweet potato sprouts. It’s a good time to plant grapes, blueberries, young fruit trees before the heat comes. Use plenty of water soaked sphagnum moss for planting those. You can add some more compost trimming and mulch. Grass clippings work well just keep them from touching the plants. Grass clippings and organic mulch around plants and fruit trees have that nice white bacteria underneath that helps plants soak up nutrients from the soil faster. While you’re at it plant a couple of the new disease resistant chestnut saplings. Plant anywhere and in anything you want. Raised beds make gardening easier. Pots on the patio work great if you don’t have much space. Or up on the roof of a high rise. I like the Ruth Stout no watering, no dig gardening technique best. Be sure to plant enough to share with friends, neighbors and wildlife.

For more tips on gardening grab a copy of my book Casual Gardening off Amazon and leave a sweet comment. And remember if you plant it, it will grow. So sow and grab your Adirondack with a sweet tea in the shade and watch it grow!

tom tenbrunsel

The Casual Gardener Award 2022-23

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