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Fireflies rise and flicker

Crickets chirp, frogs chortle, birds and bees sleep

All is right with creation

tom tenbrunsel

A Carl Sandburg Writer

Author’s Note: LOOK FOR IT! I have decided to give haiku and odes a try. Freestyle with the input of the spirit Serendipity has treated me well. I’ve published over 300 photo poems in my four book “Carl Sandburg Series.” My eclectic style, falling somewhere between Sandburg and Frost and the late Appalacian Poet, James Write will still be my goal, the intent of which is to peak your interest in my lesson, tempered with subtle humor and the occasional missspelled word in cogent verse. Thank you for following me and a special thanks to those that scroll down and add a comment. After all, feedback fuels the poet!

PS: You might want to pick up one of my 8 books on Amazon in paperback and/or ebook, while anticipating my latest weekly poetry posts on my website.

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