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Let me tell you a story

'Bout a man named Hooper

On that tragic and fateful day.

Put his season pass in his pocket

Kissed his mom and sister

And went to ride on the MFA.

When he went to get off

The conductor stopped him

Said his pass had expired that day;

And unless he deposited

One more quarter

He'd have to stay and stay and stay.


Will he ever return?

No he'll never return?

And his fate is still unknown.

... poor ole Hooper,

He will ride forever

Top the coasters of Cedar

He's a man who'll never return.

Now the seasons come,

And the seasons go,

And the people have turned away.

But top a lonely spot overlooking Lake Erie

You can still catch a glimpse of Hooper

As he rides the MFA!

(Repeat chorus with gusto!)

*MFA (Millennium Force Attraction) Enormous Rollercoaster at Cedar Point, Ohio

Best when sung to the tune of The MTA by the Kingston Trio

(and if you don't know it - this dates you)

Author’s Note:

Hooper, my nephew, who in 2000, rode every rollercoaster in Ceder Point Amusement Center, all day long, every single day that summer, including the highest, scariest coaster in the world that year, the MFA! He was a coaster legend that year, he still is to me, now happily married to Sarah, with their twin boys and owner of Fisher Music


Don’t ask!

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If you don’t know it this dates you 😂

3 days ago
Replying to

It’s nice to be dated😊

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