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Updated: May 18, 2023

Spring planting time is here. You’re past the last frost for your area. You’ve hardened your seedling starts and are ready to set them in your garden. Here’s a tip for protecting your plants from pests and sun.

First, kaolin clay (yep the same kind women use on there faces to help complexion) mixed 2 cups to a gallon of water (add a tablespoon of Dawn soap so it adheres to plants and trees) is great for protecting cucumbers, squash, kale, beans and greens. Don’t forget your fruit trees. Spray liberally. Add another coat when dry and spray after every rain. Spray when the sun gets august hot to protect leaves from sunburn. Cucumber plants like a drink of milk in warm water at a ratio of 1 to 5 once a year after planting.

Second, spray neem oil on everything you want. It’s another organic natural pest control and won’t hurt the birds and the bees and the lady bugs and praying mantis. Yep, cultivate some Carolina Praying Mantis in your yard, some big ones that remind you of a hummingbird when they fly. Mix your neem solution in the same ration as your kaolin clay. Mix ‘em good. Spray liberally.

Yes, you can use mesh netting to cover delicate plants and you can pick and squish bugs and beatles and those pesky yellow large under the leaves of plants. Be sure to remove your mesh cloth to let the bees have a go pollinating. Bees are your garden’s best friend. Protect your bees. Provide some water for them high up in the shade. (Did you notice the marigolds planted at each corner of each of my raised beds? Them and the Iris Spring soap cubes mentioned in my book and in Casual Gardening Tips #2 keep out all pesky creatures - garronteeded!

Both the above methods of keeping the pesky bug pressure down in your garden are organic, natural. They’ve been used for years. Both can be found in your local nursery or ordered online.

Check out my “Casual Gardening” book for lots more down home Victory Garden methods and measures to a successful garden. And remember to pull up that Adirondack and a tall sweeetea in the shade and watch the creatures working in your garden. Be casual about it. If you plant it, it will grow!

Also check out the enthusiastic advice of James Prigioni on Utube

tom tenbrunsel

Master Victory Gardener

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