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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

In a small country church where two or more or even more are gathered there is Love and there was friendly buzz in the air as people in the audience acquainted and re-acquainted, welcomed and good wished one another Christmas cheer, my dear bride at my side. Carla stood up! There was sudden silence as she raised both arms, her back to the audience, commanding Devine direction, sublime attention. From the corner, young college ivory began to move oh so delicately as if introducing a heavenly host. Then boom! Without warning, in prefect unison, a wonderful explosion of red-splashed heavenly voices filled the air, welcoming Christmas once more! Notes soared, raised and filled the air, flitted, flickered, echoed, danced flooding every corner of the sacred room with Xmas* warmth! Then forever fleeting, but captured in this old soul’s heart and tear. There was a friendly cheer in the air as song and voice retold Emanuel. The harmony as alto, tenor, soprano and sometimes base blended giving rebirth to Christ in Christmas. My old friend was there among them, singing directly at me. Yes, it was jolly ole’ St. Mick renewing this old temple, wishing me good tidings and cheer. The glue of friendship bidding an old friend goodbye and Blessed adventure for the New Year. The musical web woven. The Xmas story almost complete - Suddenly? Suddenly it was quiet. Unexpected and unannounced Kristie stood up approached the mic and with the clarity of a newborn angel delivered “Sweet Baby Jesus” like I've never heard it sang so beautiful before perhaps nevermore. Through confidenced crystal clarity, vocal power, beauty, music and emotion, I understood Christ from Kristie.

A chorus mother, a proud tenor father fought heartfelt pride, love and tears as they remembered holding sweet baby Kristie in their arms now a few short years ago in her own manger. I saw in their eyes age-steeled love for their angel. What JOY a seasoned choir bestowed on us, mere mortals, that Christmas Seasoned evening. Music instills and heals. Friends are forever. In that small country church God appeared, a musical miracle reborn – “Joy to the World, Let Heaven and Nature Sing, Let there be Peace on Earth, good will toward men.”

*"X" is the early Greek symbol for "Christ" thus Xmas, Christmas


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1 Comment

Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
Dec 13, 2020

Love the Christmas Cantata. Your dancing words are music to my soul.

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