Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Christmas Carolers came,

Far and near away,


I couldn’t believe my eyes,

That Xmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve day,

Nana in her flutie pink gown,

And me in my stocking cap,

Had just settled down,

for a pee and a nap.

When out on the lawn their rose,

What suppose?

Such an unexpected clatter,

A unsuspected gather,

Of my own peeps!

As doorbell rang, late,

I figured what the heck!

Probably the FedEx man.

But WOW!

As I first peeked,

Then opened the door,

It was everyone that mattered,

With mattered several more!

I was swimmy-headed,


totally surprised.

I could not believe,

My stunned Christmas eyes.

They broke out in Carole,

A Christmas tune tug,

Then everyone,

All sixteen together,

laughing out loud,

Wanted everyone’s hug.

The kids retrieved candy canes,

From porched X-tree they’d hung.

And then, in a lingering flash,

Carolers all,

Put fingers side-nosed,

Then turned and,

Away, in their trucks,