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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Christmas Carolers came,

Far and near away,


I couldn’t believe my eyes,

That Xmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve day,

Nana in her flutie pink gown,

And me in my stocking cap,

Had just settled down,

for a pee and a nap.

When out on the lawn their rose,

What suppose?

Such an unexpected clatter,

A unsuspected gather,

Of my own peeps!

As doorbell rang, late,

I figured what the heck!

Probably the FedEx man.

But WOW!

As I first peeked,

Then opened the door,

It was everyone that mattered,

With mattered several more!

I was swimmy-headed,


totally surprised.

I could not believe,

My stunned Christmas eyes.

They broke out in Carole,

A Christmas tune tug,

Then everyone,

All sixteen together,

laughing out loud,

Wanted everyone’s hug.

The kids retrieved candy canes,

From porched X-tree they’d hung.

And then, in a lingering flash,

Carolers all,

Put fingers side-nosed,

Then turned and,

Away, in their trucks,

Down the lane,

They drove.

Waving them on,

Try as I might,

What a wonderful memory,

To hold dear tonight.

As they drove outta site,

once more I exclaimed,

“Merry Christmas to ALLLLL!”

And just like that,

Christmas was over.

PS: After all

T’was FedEx man,

Tonight left to right.,

As he drove out of site,

The real Christmas Night!



Author’s Note: Sixteen Tenbrunsel’s gathered from far and near to Carole on my lawn and wish me good cheer!

Sometimes things, special, happen in one’s life that, unexplainable and by true surprise, embed themselves deep in memory, deep in your heart and soul. This was one of those occasions. Of course, we have all been strangely sheltered in place for some airborne alien that be damned has tried Unsuccessfully to break our spirit and ruin our holiday traditions. Not so, not this time. Out of the blue, my entire family appeared unannounced on my lawn, one late night, unannounced, unanticipated (five by phone, All orchestrated by the FedEx man❤️). They had come from here and a few south hours away, just to put love to song. As if in a dream, a Christmas wish, I could hardly reconcile eyes and brain. A stunned look upon my face, yes. About to burst into joyful tears, I fought back, what later would joyfully flow from these old eyes. Instead I joined in chorused caroles, savoring every moment as I looked into Each and every set of eyes there, with pure happiness, joy and thanksgiving. Yes, almost as it was begun, it was over and each with distant hugs vanishing into the night. This old soul glowed, then sat straight up and began to write. A poem came serendipitously from nowhere, as is mostly the case with me. What started as two, made three and in return gained sixteen, forever this night in my memory. I am blessed.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Dec 24, 2020

ET❤️ We get done😎


You are so special. XO

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