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I never promised her a rose garden

But I gave her a place to live.

I never promised her kids

But we had three fine ones

I never promised a house or car

But we had nice cars and things

I never promised her fresh veggies and things

I never promised her a ring

I never promised her millions

But we got by well nye.

I never promised her diamonds or gold

But anniversaries took their toll.

I did because I promised to be her husband

I did promise to take her for my wife

For life

I promise to Love

For better or for worse

Bound by the above.

None of this rehearsed

She promised to have and hold too

She promised to be faithful

She never promised to follow me

She never promised children

She never promised those many things she did

To make it a home, not some hotel bed.

So where did those promises (or not) come from?

Does it take promises or do you just do?

But then.

What if you don’t do?

What then?


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