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🎶DON’T LET THE OLD MAN IN🎶 Self Help Series

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

This entire lesson is best taught by listening to Toby Keith’s song, inspired by Clint Eastwood.

Here’s the story: Clint and Toby were golfing one day.

Clint says, “It’s my 88th birthday tomorrow.”

Toby says “We’ll what a you gonna do?”

Clint, “I’m gonna make a movie.”

Toby, “Clint, how do you do it?”

Clint, “Well I get up in the morning and don’t let the old man in.”

Toby went home and thought about that, about that for the next couple weeks. “I just couldn’t get what Clint had said out of my mind.” So he calls up Clint and tells him that he wrote a song about “Don’t let the old man in.”

Clint tells him to send it to him. After listening to it, Clint calls Toby up and tells him he wants to use it in his new movie. Toby was flabbergasted and told Clint he had made the cut while he was sick and running a fever, and that he would remake it in the studio and send it. Clint told him, “no,” that he liked it just the way it is. Clint used “Don’t let the old man in,” in his movie, “The Mule.” True Story.

I suggest you listen to it, see the movie and incorporate the concept into your everyday life as you begin to grow old. “Don’t let the old man in!”

tom tenbrunsel

Carl Sandburg Writer 2023

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