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Updated: Dec 25, 2023

*photo by Kerri Tenbrunsel There are many ways of skinning the cat

Flipping the coin

Rolling the dice.

Poetry is life.

Many try, Most fail

To modernize poetry and verse

Modern music and rap

Have come so close

Yet fall into the the trap of time

Keep it simple and pure

Keep it real and sincere

Capture the sound of silence

Stop the struggle with unreality.

If it’s woke, it’s broke

Out with pretension

In with infectious appreciation

Be real. Address the core of humanness

Add to society

The answer does not lie in chemistry

Or effete erudition, be real to the core

Enjoy implore what surrounds you

If you’ve nothing to add

Keep your victimous blad

To yourself

Don’t squeeze it

To verse!

“Thank you, uh! Thank you very much, uh!”

Author’s Note: Inspired by the words of the famed writer, author, poet when he was asked at one of his many public presentations to categorize Modernization verse. He described it at a failed attempt at “effete erudition.” Thank you, John. You’re a genius at sticking words of wisdom on target with your characterization of those who strain to grapple the emotions of unreality. And thank you, Josh Roark, Editor of Frontier Poetry for complimenting me with “Tom, your genius is your error,“ thus steering my career away from effete erudition.

My modern struggling poets. Lighten up. Address humanis. Drop divisiveness. Be real. Come back to reality. Resist unscrupulous effete erudition in your poetic intention. Add humor and regular people will start reading your junk. Did you know that Carl Sandburg introduced humor to poetry? He received three Pulitzers and never rhymed a verse. Young poets you can learn from history. You won't make history by being pretentiously obtuse. Uh! That goes for everyone. My dad used to say come down from your high horse and find joy among the hoi polloi.

I’m not sure if Elvis has left the building😳

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