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EPILOGUE Through my faith and travels and in my many roles as spouse, father and grandfather, faculty member, university administrator, private practice, private business owner, volunteer, through sports and through my diverse hobbies and interests and adventures in life, I have had the privilege of meeting, sometimes becoming personal friends with, many interesting and accomplished persons. I have been blessed by a truly beautiful and remarkable wife who has stuck by my craziness and travels and shared my journey. When the dust clears, she is my best friend. My three children, Kevin, Brian and Erin, have careers, have followed their passions and become their own persons. They have found wonderful mates in life and given me the joy of eight uniquely grand grandchildren who are the reason for my existence. I cherish my nickname, “Global.” I continue to enjoy life and the lifelong learning it brings, defining and enhancing my understanding of who I really am.

tom tenbrunsel

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