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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Fall’s in its splendor,

Of colors on end,

Winter sure’s coming,

On Fall’s blustery Wind,

Bears gittin’ sleepy,

Putting on fat,

Settling in,

For that long winter’s nap

Lord if I only could bear,

Being a bear,

Could sleep thru this circus,

Of politic,

Surrounds us,

That overfills the air

Why did God give the animals,

And birds in the air,

Brand new NorthFace jackets,

In Winter to wear;

But sted, made us neked,

A garden ago,

It was apple Fall weather,


We left that place,


With no place,

To go.

The goldenrod’s bright yellow,

Our winter garden tucked in,

Most crop’s been harvested,

And put up and in,

Blue asters dot the roadside,

They’s colored leaves of all size,


Around child in a pile,

Winter’s a coming,

On Fall’s windy swirl.

They’s frost on the pumpkin.

The bees, ants and squirrels,

Have layed way their stores,

To survive Winter’s Storm,

When Fall’s end,

Is end.

Author’s Note: Key Words: busted, neked, Fall/Winter, Winter’s Storm, circus, garden, Fall’s end!

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