Updated: Jan 3

”I am smiling!”

Message from the Tree: Without carbon I die. Without me, you die. You do the math.

“Dates don’t matter ’till they happen.”

“Wisdom be not fleeting, but grasp me in thy clutches and set me free, for I am mankind in need!”

“Many songs begin as a poem, and vice versa. So sing to me my dear poet.”

“Without feedback from his readers, the writer stumbles.” Frost

”I know not always from whence words flow.”

”Thinking is writing and vice versa.”

”Journaling is therapeutic. Write every day.”

”To know but one side of an issue is to deceive one’s self.“ Socrates

“Without friends there is just the void.”

”Just what is on the other side of the universe?”

”How deep is the ocean; how high the sky?”

“Seeing is believing, Thomas.”

“When reason fails, look for another reason!”

“Poetry is in the soul of the beholder.”

”Generosity is the glue of mankind.”

”The taste cannot be disputed.” (Brother Joseph)

”Anything, manythings amaze me.”

“Things would be so different if they were not as they are.” Mickey Sharp

”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”