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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now*

I don’t fish anymore

I barely ride my bike

The zest comes and goes

In/out of my life

Whence once obsessed

The wonders of young life

The flame flickered, with time

Somehow I lost my wife.

We moved like a dance

Becoming each other

Perfectly fit

One for the other

Totally possessed

What joys I found

For-grantedly blind

In relation profound

In that life dream

How I enjoyed our commitment

Thought we thought as one

I failed her resentment

A confession to make

One I wasn’t aware

It was a mistake

I did overbear

We traveled about

Mostly following my dream

We raised three children

With love’s self-esteem

She was born a mother

Babies were her life

She so enjoyed children

Not so much wife

It was my flaw

Our last time together

We traveled abroad

We saw things together

Mass-ed the Pantheon

Then come midlife

And the great divide

Planted by others

We weren’t the same side

When did she leave me

Where did she go

My house is divided

I’ve nowhere to go

Without her I’m lost

Tearful I write

Wishing and hoping

A warm bed tonight

The party is over

The dancing is done

My life is empty

Where is the fun

If this be my burden

If this be my yoke

I must admit

I’m ready to croak

I hope someday

I pray to above

Thankful for decades

Spent with my love


*The recent quote/song by Bob Dylan, was according to him, his apology for being such a cocky know-it-all butt during the sixties. An amazingly astonishing thing for him to say, sing and do! With age comes wisdom. Once again Dylan, the poet, has taught us a lesson. It’s a lesson I have learned and tried here to emulate. Thank you twice, Paul.

“Sometimes you write poetry.

Sometimes you sob.”


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