Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now*

I don’t fish anymore

I barely ride my bike

The zest comes and goes

In/out of my life

Whence once obsessed

The wonders of young life

The flame flickered, with time

Somehow I lost my wife.

We moved like a dance

Becoming each other

Perfectly fit

One for the other

Totally possessed

What joys I found

For-grantedly blind

In relation profound

In that life dream

How I enjoyed our commitment

Thought we thought as one

I failed her resentment

A confession to make

One I wasn’t aware

It was a mistake

I did overbear

We traveled about

Mostly following my dream

We raised three children

With love’s self-esteem

She was born a mother

Babies were her life

She so enjoyed children

Not so much wife

It was my flaw

Our last time together

We traveled abroad

We saw things together

Mass-ed the Pantheon