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Updated: Mar 15

*photo by Lori Smith Harmer Alone, In solitude,

In silent contemplation,

Instinctively reverent,

Not a ripple in the great pool,

Where once the Earth trembled,

And ashes lay strewn,

A boy stares at what was,

And asks his Mommy,

Who remembers,

“What can be?”

Author’s Note: Where once stood two great towering monuments, symbols of the free and enterprising world, another towering memorial stands now, along with a reflection pool and the names of those who perished. It is a memorial in honor and memory of what happened on that fateful day, 9/11/2001, there on that spot, on our hallowed ground. It is a place where people come together now, that we “never forget” that there is evil in the world and it is our duty to eradicate it with the help of God, in Whom We Trust.

This photo of her son, Canaan, which inspired my late-night poem, was taken by a friend of mine, 9/11/19. Friendships are a beauty of creation. They fill voids in the soul and make us whole. Friendship is the human spirit. The poem is a true story.

Sometimes I write seven poems a week; sometimes I write no poems a week. Poems happen for me. This one summoned up a decade and a generation of smoldering memories - A lone boy by the pool, our future, everyman. Daily I am reminded how fragile Liberty is, and that evil exists in the world and how vigilant we must be. Let us be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Let us pray🙏🏻

p22, 9/11/19 photo by Lori

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