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*photo by Abby Ruppert

Take me to the place

Where the gaithers garner

To breathe

To the place I can be me

With no one to bother

Where there’s no one to please

To the place of non-conforming


Where there’s no confirming

Where I can be who I please

Take me to that place

Where the garners gather

Where I can energize ease

Where I can be at home with peace.

Author’s Note: What place is this? Where is this place? And how does one get there? Is it outside or inside - the mind, soul or body? Is it a place needed or not? Possible? Or possibly not? Or a state of mind, wherein to hide? Why go there? Who gather there? Why? Have you been there? Would you like to go? To where the gaithers gather.

This poem is an example of how a concept, “gaithers gather” hit me in the middle of the night. Two words rhythmically jostled about pestering me in my pre-sleep mind. I had absolutely no idea what a gaither was. I sprung into action at my night darkened desk and fleshed out this poem. Next day, I googled the meaning and, ah ha, went back and tweaked the poem.

Write when the concept hits you. Write it right then. Jot it down before the spirit who moved you to poem, exits, and all is lost. The poet gives voice to the spirit.

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