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I prayed today,

Gardening away,

Sweat to the ground,

I spaded a way.

Planting abound.

Turnips and tulips,

Flowers and fruits,

Hand me my dibber,

To bury those roots.

A fork and a trowel,

A rake and a hoe,

Mindless activity,


That is,

So to sow.

A chance to think,

A chance to pray,

A chance to get

To know me better,

As I fritter,

The day away.

So don’t waste the the day,

Make sunshine hay,

Today is the day,

For someone, to pray.

Does God garden?

“Oh hell yes I do!

I’m there in My dirt,

Toiling with you.”

No firthrin’

No dithering,

As I grab,

My grub hoe,

I’m praying,


For I know,

That God gave me the tools,


Rake, spade, and hoe,

To till His green earth,

To sow,

So gardens will grow.

So also too,

He gave the tools,

So to sow among His flock,



And laughter,


Author’s Note: I wrote “Casual Gardening” because Tommy and Special K asked me to. In return I request some form of gardening for you to pursue. Casually, of course, no need to fret. If you plant it; it will grow. I have gardened since the Victory Garden days, when patriots planted beans, greens, maize and corn - all over their yards and roof-tops, adorned with crops. It was a homeland war time effort. All pitched in together. I’ve grown a garden ever since those early days with my dad, growing taders, maters, beans, greens and corn.

Now I garden casually, cause there’s no rush and in my Adirondack I rest, nap, with time to pray, while I watch my garden grow. You see besides being a life-giving effort for family and friends, gardening is but a mindless activity in a hustle-bustle world, leaving time for rest and relaxation, time to reflect on the day, give thanks and pray. God Gardening is good medicine, the old fashion way.

tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of My Garden

* photo of my Victory Garden, “a little ray of sunshine, will make your garden grow, Merry Mary, quite contrary!”

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Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
Apr 30, 2022


Long time ago we gardened - organic all the way. taters, too, maters, beans, corn, lettuce, squash..................


Apr 27, 2022

Absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to but "if you plant it, it will grow." For you yes, but not for me.

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