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John said it best - “For God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son.” Thank God!

*photo by TWT/JW. I drew the picture. Jim Williams etched it into the piece of leather. I stained it. It currently hangs in my house. Jim and I met in graduate school at Saint Louis University, many moons ago. He was in Chemistry. I degreed in Clinical Psychology. Jim and I became lifelong friends. I now a poet; Jim, retired as well, wrote Fingerprints: A Book of Personal Prayer. I’ve learned much from Jim. Anything can be a prayer ( There! You wrote a poem and said a prayer). Jim has inspired me to weave prayer into much of my poetry, poetic prayer. When I’m a knocking on heaven’s gate, I’m gonna tell them, “I know Jim Williams.”

You might also enjoy another of my Good Friday poems, They’s Ghosts in my Yard!

“Happy Easter to all Y’al!”

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