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Gramma Sec

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

She lost her Gramma Sec. - Bummer!

“We live but one life,

Thru toil, love and strife,

Goodness gone before us,

Reunited in the next life,

Aft when the bell tolls,

And knolls,

For us.”

Author’s Note: We must bear witness. We must bury our dead. In silence we must grieve. Alone, for what was, with an eye on what can be. The happiness then, is part of the pain now. Somehow the spirit of those passed, lives on in those who knew and loved and miss them. But for - they are among us still, in spirit.

RIP, Gramma Sec, loved dearly, we shall miss your kindness, generosity and good will🙏

*Photo of the youngest grandchild, Annie, as she ponders the reason for life and death, and life after life. Photo by Erin, taken in the relentless blustery cold of wintery Wisconsin.

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1 Comment

Nov 20, 2022

A beautiful statement about life and death, life after life. Notice that I didn't say this was a comment but is an actual happening. A beautiful picture of Annie whose eyes say a lot. She wards off the cold, I feel it.

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