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Updated: May 11, 2023

*photo by Stephanie NIGHTTIME READING

by Hannah and Tom

“I climbed into bed and had a fight,

I wanted to read by my nightlight.

I began to read in my new book,

But mother walked in, my book she took.”

By hook or crook, I fought back,

The light turned on, behind Mom’s back,

I love to read, and read I will,

Till the cows come home,

I’m reading still,

Under the covers,

Up in my room.

I will! I will! I will!

Her Mom’s Note: “I'm cleaning out boxes in the attic and I came across a poem Hannah wrote during a poetry unit in 2nd grade.”

Hannah’s first verse so genuine and descriptive of a cute spunky girl, inspired me to reply with what I thought Hannah might have followed up with😉

Hannah, now twelve, is quite the equestrian and so cute.❤️

*photo of Hannah on Treasure courtesy of Stephanie.

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