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*A must read 1964 semi-autobiography by Hannah Green (Joanne Greenberg); a descriptive book on schizophrenia.

So you never promised her a rose garden? Oh my. Well there’s still time. Roses are wonderful, fun to care for (wear gloves and long sleeves), are soooo, so fragrant and beautiful. You can plant tea roses, bush roses, floribundas and climbing roses. Spreading roses make a grand ground cover with a neighborly display. Roses are also a photographer’s dream. My dear, dear grand aunt Rose Marsh, lived to 103. She always referred to herself as “ a rose among thorns.”

Although roses originated all over the world. Bulgaria is most famous for its roses. You’ll recall the most famous White House “Rose Garden.” This year I planted a gorgeous white patented tea rose called, “John F. Kennedy.” Very appropriate wouldn’t you say.

Since I didn’t cover roses much in “Casual Gardening,” let’s take some time here on the care and feeding of your rose garden.

Best to get your roses from a local gardening center. Choose one with a wide variety. They generally will know what grows best in your location. Plant roses in a sunny location. Dig a nice size hole and mix chicken or cow manure in with your indigenous soil (no matter how bad it is) and 10/10/10 long acting fertilizer and some lime. Place the plant nicely and pack the soil mixture around it. Water it.

Caring for roses will include: pruning, watering (but not too much), and for sure spraying them every week or so with a mixture of two tablespoons of neem oil and ten drops of dish soap In a gallon of water (rain water or filtered water is always best). Spray (shake the neem mixture occasionally) the top and bottom of leafs and after a rain. Roses like calcium, lime, epsom salt and bone meal sprinkled lightly around their base now and then. And don’t be shy to clip a few off and bring inside or give to a friend.

VIOLA! There’s the rose garden you promised her. Enjoy🌹

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Unknown member
May 10, 2022

This poem brings back great memories of my grandmother. She had the most beautiful roses. A yellow tea rose, pink and white roses and the white ones had a little pink in the middle. She also had chickens and I am sure that is why her roses were so beautiful.


Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
May 03, 2022

Magnifient picture.

Great info.

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