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“The Crucifixion” Leather-craft  art by Tom Tenbrunsel and Jim Williams

My lifelong friend and compatriot

Passed away

Just yesterday

We had reconnected in later life.

From our graduate school days

Ways and means and pranks,

To Sowden’s glass eye

Staring at you in the breakfast orange juice

No better sense of humor

Have I known, than Jim

No man more compassionate about his work

His family

His lovely Spouse

So caring

So dedicated to helping those around,

Friends, Family,  grandchildren

He and they the reason

For each other’s existence.

You left us your book of prayer/poems,

Finger Prints,

We shall read it often

Ponder and pray and learn from it

We shall pass it along to generations,

That they may know God the way you did.

I have a long bow Jim secretly gave me

When we departed Slu U

I still use it to hunt the bullseye

In my back field

In these Appalachians

I now roam alone and remember

My friend Jim,

My true lifelong friend.

His gift is not forgotten in his passing

For though he takes his memories with him

His spirit remains with those of us who knew him

And experienced the Love

And Wisdom he has left with us.

Jim. You have kept your tiller in the water

You have steered the perfect course

God laid out for you.

We have been blessed by your life.

For this we thank and hold you dearly in our hearts..

RIP January 9th, 2024

tom tenbrunsel

A Carl Sandburg Writer

“In Memory of My Dear Friend Jim Williams,” first published at 1/12/2024

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