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Updated: Feb 17

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In the strive for independence

One can loose all else instead

Does it take a village


It takes togetherness

And the binding glue of Love

If you find independence

You may lose whatever you were looking for

What was meant to be

From the Creator

We must depend on each other

Love one another

That’s interdependence

Be careful what you seek

Or you may end up alone

By yourself




What went wrong

Where has everyone gone.


Independent? Yes

But you must take one more step

Seek also interdependence.

And trust in God’s guidance.

Cling interdependantly

We are so much better


tom tenbrunsel

A Carl Sandburg Writer

Author’s Note: Note I write Author’s Notes because in high school I could not understand poets’ poetry. No matter how hard I tried, Sr. Mary could not help my lack of poetic understanding. As I got older, my ADHD screamed, “Write! Write! Write everyday.” I followed my advice and did. And I add Author’s Notes so as you wander and wonder through my poetry, distracted, falling into the accompanying photos, you can at the very least know who, what, where, when and why I did such. In this poem the lesson is reach independence but strive for interdependence.

This is my first poem of 2024, written in Carl Sandburg style with little rhyme nor rhythm, but with purpose and clear intention and accompanying explanation. Sandburg said of his poetic style, “If it works, it works.” I agree. So I encourage each of you to write, write, write poetry everyday.

In 2022 I gave you Poetry on My Mind. Last year I gave you Picture This and Walk With Me. This year I will publish for you my readers: Ashes to Appalachia (in press), Finding your Way, Photo Poetry IV and My Wrinkle in Time: My Memoirs. Then I shall retire to my mountain peacefully, interdependently.

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