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What does the forest hold,

Dark, deep dark, in her clutches?

What makes me want to venture,

Yet give pause,

Among towering monsters,

And who knows what?

There’s a pathway of sorts,

I take it,

Yet it too, ends abruptly,

Dissipates into nothingness,

Instantly I’m lost.

I thought,

“Should I go back?”


What the heck?

The forest has no exit.

Shadows abound,

There are things around,


Creeping and crunching,

I shiver and start,

At pitchness of dark,

But for the sun’s peeking

Through branches.

Who’s there?

I want to ask,

But not draw attention,

I creep softly quietly

Along no path a’tall.

“Who goes there?”

A voice echoes,

(Or though, I thought),

Perhaps just an owl,

Or not?

A huff and I imagine,

A bear or such,

Perhaps some

Prehistoric clan,

Or a Sasquatch Man.

I venture further,

Being careful

Not to get lost,

I bend a twig here and there

Along my would be path.

Yet I turn around,

And no bent twigs,

I found.



I trudge, what seemed a lifetime,

Of blackened

Forest secrets



To pop out,

As if through some magical portal,

Whole again,

On the other side,


And renewed

In the light.

Author’s Note: Life, light, darkness and the other side. Light to dark to light. Is it a description of life’s journey or just a wild tale of being a bit lost in a deep dark forest? Definitely surreal, as things just don’t seem right at times, creatures abound around, no pathway, no trail markings, no guideposts to help the trekker along. You’re on your own. You can’t go back, only forward. Then, without warning a portal appears and you step through; your journey ended. Amen.

*photo by me😉

Poet Laureate of My Domain

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