What does the forest hold,

Dark, deep dark, in her clutches?

What makes me want to venture,

Yet give pause,

Among towering monsters,

And who knows what?

There’s a pathway of sorts,

I take it,

Yet it too, ends abruptly,

Dissipates into nothingness,

Instantly I’m lost.

I thought,

“Should I go back?”


What the heck?

The forest has no exit.

Shadows abound,

There are things around,


Creeping and crunching,

I shiver and start,

At pitchness of dark,

But for the sun’s peeking

Through branches.

Who’s there?

I want to ask,

But not draw attention,

I creep softly quietly

Along no path a’tall.

“Who goes there?”

A voice echoes,

(Or though, I thought),

Perhaps just an owl,

Or not?

A huff and I imagine,

A bear or such,

Perhaps some

Prehistoric clan,

Or a Sasquatch Man.

I venture further,

Being careful