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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Meet Kaitlin Ten! Actress, Singer, Producer. Don’t miss Kaitlin’s songs, Several of which she has so graciously allowed me to premier on this website. She is a remarkable rising star, endowed with beauty and personality. “Her vocal/acting talent matches even exceeds many of the greats on broadway” gone before her.

Kaitlin is a natural Talent. At a young age, she has stared in Lion King, Grease, High School Musical, The Magic Pumpkin, among other local and high school plays. But her unbelievable performance at age 13 in “Les Miserables” produced by Schaumburg on Stage, gained her notarity and recognition among broadway talent scouts.

She has auditioned before Steven Schwartz himself, of Godspell, Enchanted, Pippin, Wicked fame, and Kaitlin is currently under contract for Steven Swartz’s “Children of Eden” to Premiere 2021. About Kaitlin, Schwartz after the audition turned to Mark and commented, “She has it all. She is the only person that has sang that song exactly as I composed it.”

You will be amazed at the many songs she has written and produced, all on her own in her home studio. Indeed, Kaitlin is a creative and multitalented individual.

Look her up on and scroll down through Albums on the Home Page to KAITLIN TEN ©️. Also check out her videos on Utube by the same name. As one of 14 people accepted into USC’s School of Music and Acting in 2022, look for Kaitlin on Broadway.

But what is so, so very, very special to me is that Kaitlin and I share the existence of each other. I am her proud grandfather, her Papa, her biggest fan!

Tom Tenbrunsel

Poet and songwriter

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3 comentarios

24 nov 2020

Two responses: Yes! Sneak preview, I plan a Winter Gardening blog, “Wake Up Winter!” And second, thanks for your most kind and generous compliment. Indeed clever and creative is poetry. Without Witt man, there would be no ”Oh Captain! My Captain!” his poem upon Lincoln’s death, 1867.😉

Me gusta

Curious to know if you will be blogging about a winter garden anytime soon?

Me gusta

Great blog!! Can't wait to see the next post. You are seriously one of the most clever and creative guys I know....oh wait you are the most clever and creative guy I know! :)

Me gusta
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