LEEWAY: The Shipbuilder’s secret

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

A boat creaks and lurches,

Boards moan and bitch,

‘ginst the mighty sea,

It is the lurch and creaking that saves her.

It is a well built flexing flagship,

That discovered America.

America has survived the same way.

Give and take,

To and fro,

Side to side,

The ship must go,

To resist its crumpling,

So also,

You must go,

With the flow.

Tall buildings sway,

They’re made that way,

Wings on a plane,

Flex away.

Strength is deceiving,

Nothing is stand-stillian!

The car leans and lurches,

Slides, slips and drifts,

On unrelenting track.

Heel and toe,

Are the combination,

That makes the curve,

Seem straight.

You must turn left,

To go right,


It’s the,

Same on a bike.

The batter’s entire body,

Flows with the swing,

In one instant unwinding,


Opposing forces,

Give the ball,

New beginning.