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May Christmas bring you Joy untold, as for the Child the Bell is Tolled

May the New Year too, be good for you, your Faith restored, renewed

Author’s Note: My Christmas Card to all my faithful Subscribed members, wonderful followers: Barb, Bev, Dorothy, Lisette, Mickey, Tom S, Rinda, Mike, Jack T, Anne, Eliane, Sherry A, Caitlin & Dave, Lisa M, Bert, Don H, Kevin&Kerri, Brian&Laura, Erin&JimSec10, all my dear grandchildren, and especially Shirley, my Love❤️

And to all a Happy New Year 2021

(photo of the Sistine Chapel by unknown photog 😉)

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1 Comment

Barbara Robertson
Barbara Robertson
Dec 26, 2020

Thank you for your beautiful Christmas card. So honored...!

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