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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Merry, Merry Christmas, Will,

Composed this day in advance,

Cause your my Christmas wish,

And this is my chance

To say how much i love you,

And enjoy every thing you do,

And how much i love your parents,

who gave you, you, those two!

So enjoy this, your first Christmas,

And the glitter and the lights,

Cause it's you that brings us Christmas

With all your child's delight!

by Papa Tom 12/24/97

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There is delight beyond description that first grandchild brings to a grandparent’s soul on that special first Christmas. The WOWIE in those big amazed young eyes is a moment to behold, warming the soul. Deja vu all over again for a Papa and Nana to be in on a child’s Christmas excitement - and to watch him grow into manhood with his first truck❤️

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